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Delphi eInvoicing System


Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below may help Vendor and Grantee users better navigate through the application.

How often do I have to log in to maintain an active account?
For your initial login, you have 72 hours after you have received notification that your account is active to access your account. After your initial login, you must log in at least every 90 days.
What is the Delphi eInvoicing System?
The Delphi eInvoicing System is the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) electronic invoicing system that is integrated with DOT’s core accounting system (Delphi). It is a Web-based portal for vendors and grant recipients to electronically request payment and monitor payment status.
Who is required to use the Delphi eInvoicing System?
All vendors and grant recipients are required to migrate to the Delphi eInvoicing application.
How will individual users be uniquely identified?
A user will be uniquely identified by an e-mail address, which will be used as the user name for the Delphi eInvoicing System.
If my organization has been overpaid by the DOT Agency, how will I remit the overpaid amount back to the Agency?
Recipients who have been overpaid by a DOT Agency can remit payment via the credit memo process. A credit memo is issued by a recipient to reconcile an account for overpayment. Upon submitting the credit memo, you have 29 days to offset the credit memo with another invoice, or the Agency will automatically create an Accounts Receivable and go through the collections process.
How do I recall an invoice that was submitted by mistake?
If an invoice was submitted by mistake, you will need to contact your contract point of contact and ask them to reject the invoice. Once rejected, the invoice will be in your invoice queue for correction/resubmission or deletion.
When is month-end closing?
Closing occurs on the last business day of the month starting at 1700 CST and is normally completed by 0600 ET on the first working day of the next month.
What do I need to create my Login.gov user account?
Instructions to create the Login.gov account are found at https://login.gov. You will also need to:

  • know the email address associated with your einvoice.esc.gov system account
  • have access to that email to receive a confirmation email from Login.gov, and
  • have a working phone (cell phone or landline) to receive a security code from Login.gov
What if I cannot receive a security code over the phone in my work environment?
If you cannot receive a text message with a security code on a cell phone or receive a phone call with a security code, you may use an authentication app. To learn more about authentication apps and how to use them, go to https://www.login.gov/help
How will I access the system after I create my Login.gov account?
It is a simple, integrated process. You will go to the einvoice.esc.gov website and select the "eInvoicing Access" selection. That will take you to the Delphi eInvoicing System Login Page. After accepting the “Terms of Use” you will be directed to the Login.gov page. You will enter your existing email address associated with your current einvoice.esc.gov user account and password associated with Login.gov. You will then receive a one-time passcode from Login.gov, enter the passcode, and then be given access to the eInvoicing site to continue your invoicing or research.
How do I update my einvoice.esc.gov individual user account email address?
To change your email:

Contact the Delphi Helpdesk at these numbers (405) 954-3000 or (866) 641-3500 to change the email address associated with your Delphi eInvoicing System account. You will not be able to access the eInvoicing system until this is complete and your email matches your Login.gov account.
Where can I find hands on training for billing invoices, resubmitting rejected invoices or completing a saved invoice?
All training can be seen under the Vendor Training or Grantee Training link on the main page at https://einvoice.esc.gov

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If you are having issues with the eInvoicing System, please contact the Help Desk at these numbers.

(405) 954-3000
(866) 641-3500